Tom Baumgartner is an artist and designer living in Tucson Arizona.

Artist Statement

I'm interested in an ancient/future aesthetic that frames the unknowable history of a place and its unknowable future. I like the mystery. I like mysterious symbols. I like the futuristic feel of ancient glyphs and the ancient aspects of our modern symbol-making. In the digital age of computer interface, icons embedded in natural scenes hint at an underlying structure, invisible forces, and human influence.


Tom has painted in oil and drawn with ink for 30yrs with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has lived in Tucson for 22yrs actively involved with local arts organizations, and founder of Wee Gallery. A life-long nature lover, his art focuses on the desert landscape, automatic writing, and aesthetics of science. Tom is currently Creative Director for AlphaGraphics in Tucson.